Erlang/OTP 25.0.3

This release of Erlang/OTP can be built from source or installed using pre-built packages for your OS or third-party tools (such as kerl or asdf).

docker run -it erlang:25.0.3
Patch Package OTP 25.0.3
Git Tag OTP-25.0.3
Date 2022-07-15
System OTP
Release 25

erts-13.0.3 #

Note! The erts-13.0.3 application *cannot* be applied independently of other applications on an arbitrary OTP 25 installation. On a full OTP 25 installation, also the following runtime dependency has to be satisfied: -- kernel-8.4.1 (first satisfied in OTP 25.0.1)

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Distributed exit signals could be lost under the following conditions:

-- An exit signal from a parent process to a child process was lost if:

--- the parent process terminated before the spawn request that created the child had completed,

--- the spawn request set up a link between parent and child

--- the spawn request was distributed, and

--- the exit reason was larger than one machine word.

-- Loss of a connection over which a not yet completed spawn request was ongoing could cause loss of exit signals. Such loss of exit signals was very rare. Besides the above described connection loss also the following conditions had to be satisfied:

--- The spawn request that was interrupted by the connection loss also had to set up a link between the parent process and the child process.

--- The parent process that issued the spawn request also had to be terminating while the spawn request was interrupted by the connection loss.

--- The same parent process also had to have made other spawn requests to other nodes than to the node to which the connection was lost.

--- These spawn requests to the other nodes also had to set up links.

--- These spawn requests to the other nodes also had to be not yet completed at the time of the connection loss. That is, the spawn reply from the child process had not yet reached the parent process.

If all the conditions above were met, exit signals to the children spawned due to the above described spawn requests to other nodes *could* be lost.

The above bug also caused a significant memory leak when it was triggered since the destruction of the parent process never completed.

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A race could cause process_info(Pid, message_queue_len) on other processes to return invalid results.

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Fixed reduction counting for handling process system tasks.

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Priority elevation of terminating processes did not work which could cause execution of such processes to be delayed.

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An unlink operation made by a process that terminated before the unlink operation completed, i.e., before it had received an unlink-ack signal from the linked process, caused an exit signal to erroneously be sent from the terminating process to the process being unlinked. This exit signal would most often be ignored by the receiver, but if the receiver of the exit signal concurrently set up a new link, it could receive the exit signal with the actual exit reason of the terminating process instead of a noproc exit reason. It is however very hard to detect that this has happened and has no obvious negative consequences, so it should be considered harmless.

A distributed unlink-ack signal received by a terminating process was also not properly removed which could cause a minor memory leak.

Full runtime dependencies of erts-13.0.3: kernel-8.4.1, sasl-3.3, stdlib-4.0

ssl-10.8.3 #

The ssl-10.8.3 application can be applied independently of other applications on a full OTP 25 installation.


The link to crypto:engine_load refered the function with wrong arity.

Full runtime dependencies of ssl-10.8.3: crypto-5.0, erts-10.0, inets-5.10.7, kernel-8.4, public_key-1.11.3, runtime_tools-1.15.1, stdlib-3.12