This release of Erlang/OTP can be built from source or installed using pre-built packages for your OS or third-party tools (such as kerl or asdf).

docker run -it erlang:
Patch Package OTP
Git Tag OTP-
Date 2022-03-29
Issue Id
System OTP
Release 23

erts- #

Note! The erts- application *cannot* be applied independently of other applications on an arbitrary OTP 23 installation. On a full OTP 23 installation, also the following runtime dependency has to be satisfied: -- kernel- (first satisfied in OTP

Related Id(s):
GH-5554 , PR-5825

Fix Erlang monotonic time on MacOS. Previously used OS monotonic time primitive on MacOS is buggy and will not be used anymore. It has been replaced with usage of another OS monotonic time primitive that does not appear to be buggy.

Full runtime dependencies of erts- kernel-, sasl-3.3, stdlib-3.13