Erlang/OTP 19.2.1

This release of Erlang/OTP can be built from source or installed using pre-built packages for your OS or third-party tools (such as kerl or asdf).

docker run -it erlang:19.2.1
Patch Package OTP 19.2.1
Git Tag OTP-19.2.1
Date 2017-01-16
Issue Id
System OTP
Release 19

erts-8.2.1 #

Note! The erts-8.2.1 application can *not* be applied independently of other applications on an arbitrary OTP 19 installation. On a full OTP 19 installation, also the following runtime dependency has to be satisfied: -- sasl-3.0.1 (first satisfied in OTP 19.1)

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Fix a quite rare bug causing VM crash during code loading and the use of export funs (fun M:F/A) of not yet loaded modules. Requires a very specfic timing of concurrent scheduler threads. Has been seen on ARM but can probably also occure on other architectures. Bug has existed since OTP R16.

Full runtime dependencies of erts-8.2.1: kernel-5.0, sasl-3.0.1, stdlib-3.0