R15B01 released

April 03, 2012 · by Henrik Nord

Erlang/OTP R15B01 has been released ahead of schedule on April 3:rd. It is the first service release.

See the release notes in the Read me

Download the new release from the Downloads page

**Highlights: **


  • Added erlang:statistics(scheduler_wall_time) to ensure correct determination of scheduler utilization. Measuring scheduler utilization is strongly preferred over CPU utilization, since CPU utilization gives very poor indications of actual scheduler/vm usage.
  • Changed ssh implementation to use the public_key application for all public key handling. This is also a first step for enabling a callback API for supplying public keys and handling keys protected with password phrases. Additionally the test suites where improved so that they do not copy the users keys to test server directories as this is a security liability. Also ipv6 and file access issues found in the process has been fixed.
  • When an escript ends now all printout to standard output and standard error gets out on the terminal. This bug has been corrected by changing the behaviour of erlang:halt/0,1, which should fix the same problem for other escript-like applications, i.e. that data stored in the output port driver buffers got lost when printing on a TTY and exiting through erlang:halt/0,1. The BIF:s erlang:halt/0,1 has gotten improved semantics and there is a new BIF erlang:halt/2 to accomplish something like the old semantics. See the documentation.
  • The DTrace source patch from Scott Lystig Fritchie is integrated in the source tree. Using an emulator with dtrace probe is still not supported for production use, but may be a valuable debugging tool. Configure with –with-dynamic-trace=dtrace (or –with-dynamic-trace=systemtap) to create a build with dtrace probes enabled. See runtime_tools for documentation and examples
  • Added Torbjörn Törnkvists LDAP client as a new application called eldap.
  • Added options for the ssh client to support user keys files that are password protected.