Erlang OTP R16B03 has been released!

December 11, 2013 · by Kenneth Lundin

OTP R16B03 is a service release with mostly a number of small corrections and user contributions. But there are some new functions worth mentioning as well, here are some of them: 

  •   A new memory allocation feature called “super carrier” has been introduced. It can for example be used for pre-allocation of all memory that the runtime system should be able to use. It is enabled by passing the +MMscs (size in MB) command line argument. For more information see the documentation of the +MMsco, +MMscrfsd, +MMscrpm, +MMscs, +MMusac, and, +Mlpm command line arguments in the erts_alloc(3) documentation.
  • The LDAP client (eldap application) now supports the start_tls operation. This upgrades an existing tcp connection to encryption using TLS, see eldap:start_tls/2 and /3.
  • The FTP client (inets application) now supports FTP over TLS (ftps).

~50 open source contributions. Many thanks for that!