Erlang OTP 17.0 has been released

April 09, 2014 · by Kenneth Lundin

Erlang/OTP 17.0 is a new major release with new features, characteristics improvements, as well as some minor incompatibilities. See the README file and the documentation for more details. Some highlights of the release are:  * Maps, a new dictionary data type (experimental)

  • A more natural mapping from ASN.1 OCTET STRING and BIT STRING to Erlang types, and other ASN.1 improvements and optimizations
  • The {active, N} socket option for TCP, UDP, and SCTP
  • A new (optional) scheduler utilization balancing mechanism
  • Migration of memory carriers has been enabled by default on all ERTS internal memory allocators
  • Increased garbage collection tenure rate
  • Experimental “dirty schedulers” functionality
  • Funs can now be given names
  • Miscellaneous unicode support enhancements
  • A new version scheme for OTP its applications has been introduced

You can find more information and download the release at the download page.