Preliminary Release Dates

February 20, 2014 · by Henrik Nord

Below you can find the preliminary release dates, and code stop dates for 17.0. Note: We will not accept any NEW feature patches for inclusion in Erlang/OTP 17.0 after 2014-02-21.

Preliminary dates for the upcoming release:

Release  erts, emu,comp Code stop Documentation stop Release Date
17.0-rc2 2014-02-21 2014-02-21 2014-02-21 2014-02-26
17.0 2014-03-10 2014-03-17 2014-03-19 2014-03-26

We will focus the time between 17.0-rc2 and 17.0 on bug fixes, improvements, and testing. Therefore you are most welcome to submit patches regarding such issues and we will try our best to include them before 17.0 is released. Especially bugs introduced in 17.0-rcX.