Spawnfest, a 48 hours programming contest

July 03, 2012 · by Kenneth Lundin

Spawnfest, a 48 hours programming contest for Erlang, is back again this year. It is scheduled for July 7-8, and open to any team of 1 to 4 members. Prizes to be given!

It’s a great opportunity to show the world what Erlang/OTP and its users are capable of. The contest is in no way limited to web applications or any specific domain; diversity of entries is embraced.

Participants will see their entries judged by Eric B. Merrit ( founding member of the Erlware, co-author of “Erlang and OTP in Action”), Joe Armstrong (co-inventor of Erlang), Loïc Hoguin (Founder of Nine Nines, writer of Cowboy), and Scott Lystig Fritchie (long-time Erlang user, senior software engineer at Basho, worked on D-Trace for  Erlang, and so on).

You can register your team at