Reporting a Security Issue in Erlang/OTP

March 21, 2017 ยท by Bruce Yinhe

Reporting a Security Issue in Erlang/OTP

Please follow this document in order to report the issues regarding security in Erlang/OTP. Please do not create a public issue for a security issue.

When should you report a security issue? #

The risk level is often determined by a product of the impact once exploited, and the probability of exploitation occurring. In other words, if a bug can cause great damage, but it takes highest privilege to exploit the bug, then the bug is not a high risk one. Similarly, if the bug is easily exploitable, but its impact is limited, then it is not a high risk issue either.

There is not any hard and fast rule to determine if a bug is worth reporting as a security issue to erlang-security [at] erlang [dot] org. A general rule is that an attack by someone that has no access to the Erlang application or its system can affect the confidentiality, integrity and availability.

What happens after the report? #

All security bugs in the Erlang/OTP distribution should be reported to erlang-security [at] erlang [dot] org. Your report will be handled by a small security team at the OTP team. Your email will be acknowledged as soon as we start handling the issue.

Please use a descriptive email title for your report. After the initial response to your report, the security team will keep you updated on the progress and decision being made towards a fix and release announcement.

If you believe that an existing public issue on is security-related, we ask that you send an email to erlang-security [at] erlang [dot] org. The email title should contain the issue ID on (e.g. Flagging security issue ERL-001). Please include a short description to motivate why it should be handled according to the security policy.