Erlang/OTP 21.3.5

This release of Erlang/OTP can be built from source or installed using pre-built packages for your OS or third-party tools (such as kerl or asdf).

docker run -it erlang:21.3.5
Patch Package OTP 21.3.5
Git Tag OTP-21.3.5
Date 2019-04-15
Issue Id
System OTP
Release 21

diameter-2.2.1 #

The diameter-2.2.1 application can be applied independently of other applications on a full OTP 21 installation.


Fix inadvertently broad monitor that resulted in gen_server cast messages to hidden nodes from module diameter_dist.

Full runtime dependencies of diameter-2.2.1: erts-10.0, kernel-3.2, ssl-9.0, stdlib-2.4

erts-10.3.4 #

Note! The erts-10.3.4 application *cannot* be applied independently of other applications on an arbitrary OTP 21 installation. On a full OTP 21 installation, also the following runtime dependencies have to be satisfied: -- kernel-6.1 (first satisfied in OTP 21.1) -- sasl-3.3 (first satisfied in OTP 21.2)


Add missing documentation of new external tags NEW_PID, NEW_PORT and NEWER_REFERENCE introduced in OTP 19.

These new tags are planned to be "activated" in OTP 23 when distribution capability flag DFLAG_BIG_CREATION becomes mandatory. Older nodes (>= 19) are able to decode these new tags and send them back to the new node. Nodes older than OTP 23 will however never encode their own local pids, ports and references using the new tags.

Full runtime dependencies of erts-10.3.4: kernel-6.1, sasl-3.3, stdlib-3.5

inets-7.0.7 #

The inets-7.0.7 application can be applied independently of other applications on a full OTP 21 installation.

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Fix the internal handling of the option erl_script_timeout in httpd. If explicit erl_script_timeout value was supplied in seconds it was not correctly converted to millisecond units for internal usage.

This change fixes the handling of erl_script_timeout in all possible configuration scenarios.

Full runtime dependencies of inets-7.0.7: erts-6.0, kernel-3.0, mnesia-4.12, runtime_tools-1.8.14, ssl-5.3.4, stdlib-3.5