Erlang/OTP 20.3.3

This release of Erlang/OTP can be built from source or installed using pre-built packages for your OS or third-party tools (such as kerl or asdf).

docker run -it erlang:20.3.3
Patch Package OTP 20.3.3
Git Tag OTP-20.3.3
Date 2018-04-19
System OTP
Release 20

sasl-3.1.2 #

The sasl-3.1.2 application can be applied independently of other applications on a full OTP 20 installation.


When upgrading with instruction 'restart_new_emulator', the generated temporary boot file used 'kernelProcess' statements from the old release instead of the new release. This is now corrected.

This correction is needed for upgrade to OTP-21.

Full runtime dependencies of sasl-3.1.2: erts-9.0, kernel-5.3, stdlib-3.4, tools-2.6.14