Status Num Created Title Owner
P 0 31-May-2007 EEP 0: Index of Erlang Enhancement Proposals (EEPs) Raimo Niskanen
P 1 29-Jan-2007 EEP 1: EEP Purpose and Guidelines Per Gustafsson
PF/R-33 2 14-Aug-2001 Sample Plaintext PEP Template Per Gustafsson
PF/R-33 3 05-Aug-2002 Sample reStructuredText EEP Template Per Gustafsson
SF/R12B-0 4 10-Aug-2007 EEP 4: New BIFs for bit-level binaries (bit strings) Per Gustafsson
S 5 10-Aug-2007 EEP 5: More Versatile Encapsulation with export_to Richard A. O'Keefe
SF/R12B-0 6 10-Aug-2007 EEP 6: New BIFs for tuple and binary sizes Björn Gustavsson
SR 7 3-Sep-2007 EEP 7: Foreign Function Interface (FFI) Alceste Scalas
SF/R13B03 8 2-Dec-2007 EEP 8: Types and function specifications Tobias Lindahl
SF/R-34 9 28-Dec-2007 EEP 9: Library for working with binaries Fredrik Svahn
S 10 07-may-2008 EEP 10: Representing Unicode characters in Erlang Patrik Nyblom
SA/R12B-3u 11 04-Jun-2008 EEP 11: Built in regular expressions in Erlang Patrik Nyblom
S 12 10-Jul-2008 EEP 12: Extensions to comprehensions Richard A. O'Keefe
S 13 09-Jul-2008 EEP 13: -enum declarations Richard A. O'Keefe
S 14 10-Jul-2008 EEP 14: Guard clarification and extension Richard A. O'Keefe
S 15 15-Jul-2008 EEP 15: Portable funs Richard A. O'Keefe
S 16 23-Jul-2008 EEP 16: is_between/3 Richard A. O'Keefe
S 17 23-Jul-2008 EEP 17: Fix andalso and orelse Richard A. O'Keefe
S 18 28-Jul-2008 EEP 18: JSON bifs Richard A. O'Keefe
S 19 14-Aug-2008 EEP 19: Comprehension multigenerators Richard A. O'Keefe
S 20 05-Aug-2008 EEP 20: Split the atoms! Richard A. O'Keefe
S 21 08-Aug-2008 EEP 21: Optional trailing commas for lists and tuples Richard A. O'Keefe
S 22 27-Aug-2008 EEP 22: Range checking for binaries Richard A. O'Keefe
SF/R12B-4 23 08-Aug-2008 EEP 23: Allow variables in fun M:F/A Richard A. O'Keefe
SF/R12B-5 24 22-Sep-2008 EEP 24: Functions may be named using F/N in all module attributes Richard A. O'Keefe
S 25 28-Nov-2008 EEP 25: Unnesting cases Richard A. O'Keefe
SA/R13A 26 28-Jan-2009 EEP 26: Make andalso and orelse tail-recursive Björn Gustavsson
S 27 18-Feb-2009 EEP 27: Multi-Parameter Typechecking BIFs James Hague
S 28 08-Aug-2008 EEP 28: Optional leading semicolons for choices Richard A. O'Keefe
S 29 25-Feb-2009 EEP 29: Abstract Patterns, Stage 1 Richard A. O'Keefe
SF/R13A/R14A 30 10-Jul-2008 EEP 30: Maximum and Minimum Richard A. O'Keefe
SF/R14A 31 28-Nov-2009 EEP 31: Binary manipulation and searching module Patrik Nyblom
S 32 09-Feb-2010 EEP 32: Module-local process names Richard A. O'Keefe
P 33 31-Mar-2010 EEP 33: Sample Markdown EEP Template Raimo Niskanen
S 34 31-Aug-2010 EEP 34: Extended basic packet options for decode_packet Tony Rogvall
S 35 29-Sep-2010 EEP 35: Binary string module(s) Patrik Nyblom
SF/R15B 36 01-Mar-2011 EEP 36: Line numbers in exceptions Björn Gustavsson
SF/R15B 37 27-May-2011 EEP 37: Funs with names Richard A. O'Keefe
S 38 27-May-2011 EEP 38: -discontiguous directive Richard A. O'Keefe
S 39 2-Jul-2011 EEP 39: Scoped Group Leaders Yurii Rashkovskii
S 40 19-Oct-2012 EEP 40: A proposal for Unicode variable and atom names in Erlang Richard A. O'Keefe
S 41 04-Feb-2013 EEP 41: Pseudo-assignment for Erlang Richard A. O'Keefe
S 42 07-Feb-2013 EEP 42: setrlimit(2) analogue for Erlang Richard A. O'Keefe
SF/R17B 43 04-Apr-2013 EEP 43: Maps Björn-Egil Dahlberg
SA/19.0-we 44 30-Sep-2015 EEP 44: Additional preprocessor directives Björn Gustavsson
SA/19.0 45 27-Oct-2015 EEP 45: New macros for function name and arity Björn Gustavsson
S 46 06-Dec-2016 EEP 46: B-trees: balanced search trees of order n Walter Weinmann
SF/21.0 47 23-Nov-2017 EEP 47: Add syntax in try/catch to retrieve the stacktrace directly Björn Gustavsson
SF/24.0 48 04-Jan-2018 EEP 48: Documentation storage and format José Valim
SF/25.0 49 31-Aug-2018 EEP 49: Value-Based Error Handling Mechanisms Fred Hebert
SF/24.0 50 18-Sep-2019 EEP 50: Maps based set implementation José Valim
SA/23.0 51 07-Oct-2019 EEP 51: Underscore digit separator in numeric literals Sergey Prokhorov
SA/23.0 52 28-Jan-2020 EEP 52: Allow key and size expressions in map and binary matching Björn Gustavsson
SF/24.0 53 01-Sept-2019 EEP 53: Process aliases preventing late replies reaching clients Rickard Green
SF/24.0 54 14-Sep-2020 EEP 54: Provide more information about errors Björn Gustavsson
S 55 21-Dec-2020 EEP 55: Pinning operator ^ in patterns Richard carlsson
SF/24.0 56 04-Mar-2021 EEP 56: Automatic supervisor shutdown triggered by termination of significant children Maria Scott
S 57 09-Jun-2021 EEP 57: Extending the syntax of patterns with alternative matches Serge Aleynikov
SF/26.0 58 14-Sep-2021 EEP 58: Map comprehensions Sergey Prokhorov
SF/27.0 59 02-Jun-2021 EEP 59: Module attributes for documentation José Valim
S 60 4-Oct-2021 EEP 60: Introduce Support for Experimental Features Cons T Åhs
SF/26.0 61 08-Mar-2023 EEP 61: Built-in dynamic type Ilya Klyuchnikov
S 62 1-Jun-2023 EEP 62: String interpolation syntax Tom Davies
SR 63 1-Jun-2023 EEP 63: Lightweight UTF-8 binary string literals and patterns Tom Davies
SF/27-w 64 07-Jun-2023 EEP 64: Triple-Quoted Strings Raimo Niskanen
S 65 01-Sep-2023 EEP 65: import_type Directive Ilya Klyuchnikov
SF/27.0 66 25-Sep-2023 EEP 66: Sigils for String Literals Raimo Niskanen
SR 67 02-Jan-2024 EEP 67: Internal exports Marko Minđek
SF/27.0 68 12-02-2024 EEP 68: JSON library Michał Muskała
SA 69 18-Mar-2024 EEP 69: Nominal Type Isabell Huang


P Process track
S Standards track
A Accepted
R Rejected
W Withdrawn
D Deferred
F Final
/R-33 Replaced by EEP 33
/R12B-0 Proposal is implemented in OTP release R12B-0
/R13B03 Proposal documented and implemented in OTP R13B03
/R-34 Replaced with EEP-11 and EEP-31 except `binary_string` which is part of a new `string` implementation
/R12B-3u Proposal is implemented in OTP release R12B-3, except for Unicode support according to EEP 10
/R12B-4 Implemented in OTP release R12B-4
/R12B-5 Implemented in OTP release R12B-5
/R13A Implemented in OTP release R13A
/R13A/R14A Implemented in OTP release R13A and R14A
/R14A Implemented in OTP release R14A
/R15B Implemented in OTP release R15B
/R17B Implemented in OTP R17B (except ...)
/19.0-we Proposal's -warning and -error directives are implemented in OTP version 19.0
/19.0 Implemented in OTP version 19.0
/21.0 Implemented in OTP version 21.0
/24.0 Implemented in OTP version 24.0
/25.0 Implemented in OTP version 25.0
/23.0 Implemented in OTP release 23.0
/26.0 Implemented in OTP release 26.0
/27.0 Implemented in OTP version 27.0
/27-w Implemented in OTP version 27.0 with a warning in OTP version 26.1